7 Reasons Your Feedback is Being Ignored

David M. Dye
4 min readOct 4, 2021
7 reasons your feedback is ignored

7 Reasons Your Feedback is Being Ignored

by Karin Hurt and David Dye

Start with yourself to ensure everyone can receive feedback

It’s a frustration we hear all the time. “My people aren’t coachable. They’re defensive. It’s like they have a wall and just won’t listen.” We get it. One of the most frustrating human experiences is feeling ignored or unheard. And sometimes people who can’t grow aren’t in the right position. But… there are also legitimate reasons your people ignore feedback. Eliminate these roadblocks to build teams where everyone grows together.

7 Reasons Your Feedback Is Ignored

Let’s listen to team members explain why they have a hard time hearing or acting on the feedback you might share.

1. Feedback Flood

“I’m trying to do better, I really am. But it’s all just too much. Every time we meet, he’s giving me something else to work on. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get it right, so I’ve learned to just block him out and do the best I can.”

Solution: Make change manageable. Focus on one behavior at a time.

2. Hypocrisy Part I

“My boss has talked with me three times about my communication. The other day I tried to give her some feedback about how her communication style was landing with my team. She didn’t want to hear it. Why should I listen to her if she won’t listen to anyone else?”

Solution: Listen. Reflect to connect. You don’t have to agree with everything you hear, but if you want people to hear your feedback, you’ve got to hear theirs. Role model what it looks like to be coachable and receive feedback in a healthy way.

3. Hypocrisy Part II

“My boss keeps telling me my customer courtesy credits are too high — that I’m costing the business too much money. So I really worked on that for a while. But then, I found my customers asked to speak to my supervisor. And guess, what? She always gave them the credit! She looks like the hero, and the credit she gives them goes against my numbers and I still end up on progressive action.”

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